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MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite

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Rudder pedals for flight simulation, Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Made in Croatia , Europe

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Unparalleled accuracy, longetivity and response time

High resolution contactless magnetic sensors guarantee high precision without degradation over time, making spikey potentiometers thing of the past. Modern electronics provide up to 500 updates per second
3rd generation triaxis digital Hall sensor on rudder axis ( 4096 positions ) and analog hall's for brakes ( 2048 positions per brake )

Adjustable pedals angle and toe-out

Minimum angle = 20° ( goes fully horzontal when brake applied )
Maximum* angle = 52°
Toe-out adjustment by changing swivel ( watch video )
* can be extended up to 62° by adding 10mm support plate under pedals, or by using "width adjustment plates" extra cost option

Differential Toe Brakes

Independent left and right brake axis ( 20 degree pressing ) combined with strong torsion return springs provides excellent braking action
4x different settings of braking strenght adjustment ( watch video )

Adjustable and smooth rudder centering design

"cam and arm" centering principle for smooth over the center transitions

Fine tunable knob for rudder "return to center" force adjustment

Exchangeable centering " CAM " profile

CAM centering profiles have influence on progressivenes of force increase when deflecting rudder axis as well as center notch. That allow fine tuning the feel to reflect realistic forces of different aircrafts.

2x CAM's come standard with pedals ( CAM4 & CAM6 ) while more CAM's can be purchased as extra cost option ( currently CAM5 available )
Detailed explanation ( PDF file )

2x notch for rudder spring

To achieve stronger or weaker force toward the end of pedal deflection while force near the center remains

Software and electronics

12bit "plug and play" ( HID ) driver, compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 *

Future proof - bootloader feature enable effortless firmware upgrades

MFG Configurator software enable advanced sensors calibration, many other handy features. Sofware is a simple .exe file ( no installation ) Settings are stored in electronics memory.

* drivers compatible with Linux and MacOS, but require adjustments under windows.

Additional info

Made by CNC machining to achieve highest acuracy

Wall spacers - Adjustable pedal position the wall.

Sturdy Composite material construction with some aluminium parts, 17 bearings

Four holes for fixing pedals to any base surface

Included allen hex key for making adjustments and 2m USB A/B cable for PC connection

Specifications - DOWNLOAD

Videos and Tutorials by MFG

Features Overview

Unpacking and assembly

Footplate angle adjustment

CAM replacement, centering force

Braking spring strenght adjustment

Width adjustment plates ( Extra cost option !)

Independent review videos and Forum threads

DBS Thor



Tuffy Tutorial

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MFG Software package
Package include latest software and firmware for Rudder pedals & universal joystick controller, as well as User manuals and changelogs


A PDF file with rudder pedals dimensions, and baseplate screw hole dimensions

CAM centering profiles difference explained

Frequently Asked Questins

If your problem is not answered here feel free to ask us trough contact form

Brakes no longer work after adjusting footrests angle

This is normal. You need to recalibrate brake axis ( X and Y) by using MFG Configurator software. Calibration procedure is explained in software manual inside software package.
Recalibration is MANDATORY each time you change angle of the footrests !

Common "brake axis doesnt work" solutions

1. Always verify working of brakes in MFG Configurator software. If this is working fine from 0 to 100% then read on other FAQ topic regarding windows calibration and in game settings
2. Check that brake axis cables are firmly plugged in. Try to unplugg them and then replugg them and check if problem is solved
3. If you readjusted the angle of the footrests then it is mandatory to CALIBRATE brake axis INSIDE MFG CONFIGURATOR software
4. Faulty brake axis cable or FAQ for that

Faulty brake axis cable- test and replace

This happen very rarely so make sure you read all other brake axis FAQ topics first !

You can inspect brake axis by turning off (untick) autocalibration ON/OFF feature on X and Y axis and click apply. This is basically sensor inspection mode. In this mode you will have a working signal regardless of angle adjusted and calibration, troughout the range...but it will not be full from 0 to 100%. In fact, it should NEVER reach 0 or 100% signal on axis. This provide us with few handy tests :

1. Swap left and right brake cable connection to main electronics. In essence your left brake will now become Y axis, and right brake will be X axis. IF problem is in the cable it will follow cable now and change axis...but if electronics have issue the problem WILL STAY on same axis regardless of cable being swapped. In this step you determine what is to blame - cable or electronics. 

In any case...blow off your contacts and test again ...and use contact spreay if you have one.

2. Shake / wooble faulty brake axis cable near the connector and watch the signal while doing so ( DIVIEW software is more handy to watch signal). If you see the signal suddenly spike to 0% or 100% than its likely that you have faulty cable and need to replace it. Of course, if your signal is already at 0 or 100% and it spikes BACK to normal when you wooble the cable it's also a faulty cable.
Sometimes it's just a poor contact between cable and electronics so it is important to make a proper conclusion before you jump on replacement cable, as replacement take a bit of time and patience.

Cable can be bought in our shop at accesorries section, but take care to buy correct one for your pedals (V1 or V2). Replacement instructions are described ( and in video) on cable product page !

Brake axis often loose calibration and need to be recalibrated

Most probable cause is if a customer readjusted the angle of the footrests, but while doing so, did not tighten the angle adjustment screws strong enough. In such case, while flying, pressure of the user's heel on the pedal cause the angle of the footrests to be moved from the adjusted angle.
Usually when this happen, user will experience a large deadzone ( non responding zone) at start of pressing brake, and inability to press brake fully to 100%...and therefore re-calibration is required.

Tighten the angle adjustment screws more firmly and recalibrate and pedals will no longer "loose" calibration.

Another thing that customers sometimes wrongly interpret as loose of calibration is actually jitter or loss of signal on brake axis. Therefore check if any of above mentioned brake axis troubles concern you !

Rudder axis (rZ) need to be recalibrated often / cannot calibrate properly

to be written

Axis issues outside MFG Configurator ( Windows calibration , Game specific setups)

windows calibration

Squeek sound when brake axis pressed

Brake springs are torsion ones and they do squeek when pressed due to friction in it.

We oil them in factory in order to reduce friction, and therefore provide quiet operation. However, over time, they get dry again and need a bit of oil to get silent again.

You can use teflon spray or any oil, even kitchen cooking oil will do fine. Just pour a little oil onto the brake axis spring and work out brake axis few times, then wipe out excess oil on it.

I updated firmware and pedals keep restarting ( plug/unplugg sound all the time)

You loaded wrong firmware for your pedals version ! Electronics for V1 and V2 are different and have safety feature built in to protect electronics from such event.

However, no reason to panic. You can revive your pedals with correct firmware. All you have to do is open Mikrobootloader application directly from software package/firmware upgrade... and click connect untill you see pedals connected. Then proceed to upgrade firmware ( with correct file, you have firmware changelog and explanation in software package).
V4.xx firmware is for V1 pedals
V5.xx is for V2 pedals
V7.xx is for universal joystick firmware, all settings unlocked. We don't provide support for this firmware and it is intended only for advanced users and cockpit builders !


Superb !

I am very pleased. Shipping was very fast, and the product is superb. They are extremely well built and work like a dream.

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Solid Peripheral!

Got my Crosswind a couple of days ago! Popped on the youtube vid and followed along with the building instructions! Was real easy and well engineered! Loving the tension levels on the movement axis! I am now immersed!

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Don't think, just buy it !

The feeling of this rudder is outstanding (coming from Thrustmaster’s basic model). This product is very well designed, it’s really worth paying its price, which seems quite low considering its quality.


    Milan Test Review

    I love this product !

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    MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite

    MFG Crosswind V2 - graphite